Engraving Service

Laser Engraving Tungsten Carbide

Due to the hardness of tungsten carbide and other alternative metal rings, it is not recommended to use traditional method of etching to engrave messages on them. Etching on tungsten carbide is usually not clear and jagged. Also, it might damage the structure of the alloy and chip the ring. 

The right way of engraving alternative metal rings: LASER

The only way to ensure precision, clarity and smoothness of the engraved text on tungsten carbide is computerized laser engraving. We use state-of-the-art laser equipment to put custom message on your jewelry. The engraved text is crisp, clean and permanent. There will not be any damage done to the jewelry because no physical force is applied to it. A powerful laser beam controlled by computer equipment is used to cut into the surface of the tungsten ring in to add a personal touch to your jewelry.

Engraving Comparison

Some stores that do not have the proper equipment can only use traditional etching method to engrave. Therefore, you should be aware of the type of engraving that the jeweler is using to engrave on your jewelry. However, an engraved jewelry is not exchangeable nor refundable even if you don't like the way the engraving looks. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the difference between engraving using laser and etching. The following two pictures illustrate the difference between the two engraving methods.


Custom laser engraving Etching, Marking, Free
Black tungsten ring with laser engraving Tungsten ring with free engraving service by etching
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