Where are you located?

We are located in Humble, TX next to the Humblewood shopping center.

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes, we offer free 3-5 business days shipping in the United States on all purchases using USPS. For international orders shipping will be calculated during the check out process. The exact fee will depend on the country it is being shipped to. Tracking numbers will be provided for all orders.

How long does it take for shipping?

We typically ship our products within 1-3 business days of placing the order. Shipping times for custom orders and special request will depend on the requirement.

Will I be charged sales tax on my purchase?

SunnyRings is required by law to charge state sales tax for orders made in state of Texas.

International Customs Duties & Taxes?

Please check with your local government for costs or any fees that may be associated with your purchase. You may need to pay the customs duties by yourself.

Will my purchase arrive gift-wrapped?

Every single jewelry piece will be delivered with nice Gift Box.

What if I am not satisfied with my purchase?

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee from the time you receive your product. Please be aware the product must be unused and in its original box/condition.

What's the best way to find out my finger size?

We recommend visiting the nearest local jeweler and getting measured for comfort fit size. If you get measured for a standard fit size, we would recommend getting half size smaller from us since comfort fit rings are domed on the inside. Please keep in mind that SunnyRings (aka SunnyJewelry) offers FREE 30 day exchanges (non-engraved rings only!) so if you accidentally order the wrong size or the size is slightly off just send it back and we'll ship you the correct size. 

Should my wedding band fit tight or loose?

As a general rule of thumb, when purchasing a comfort fit ring, you should choose a size that is about a half size smaller than your standard fit ring size. Determine your Comfort Size by first determining your Standard Size at a local jeweler, and then order a half size smaller. In case of an incorrect fit, we have a 30 day return/exchange policy.

Can a Tungsten, Titanium and Ceramic ring be re-sized?

This is not recommended. Platinum, gold, copper and silver rings can be made to shrink or enlarge and can be done at any reputable jeweler to fit any finger. Tungsten, ceramic and titanium rings are more difficult to resize, and in most cases are not worth the associated processing costs. Also, design of an inlay or a beveled edge could restrict shaving a fractional layer off the inside of a ring to gain that ¼ to a ½ size difference. In many cases, the appearance of a resized ring might be worse.

How Do I clean and maintain my ring?

Caring for tungsten carbide is very simple. The best way to clean a ring is with mild dish soap, water, and a clean cloth. Soak the ring for several minutes, rinse, and wipe dry with the clean cloth. Being that tungsten, titanium and ceramic bands are permanently polished a quick soak and wipe down will remove all the residue and have your ring looking as good as new.

What If I can't remove my ring?

All the material of the rings can easily be slid off your finger using butter, liquid soap, or hand cream. If your finger gets injured and swells, the ring can be cut by a professional using a ring cutting tool. Rings which are extremely hard, like tungsten carbide rings, can usually be removed by cracking them into pieces with a standard vice grip style locking pliers. Tungsten has properties where rather than bending and crushing, it most likely will break into several pieces and fall off your finger freely. As a last resort, every hospital emergency room will be equipped to remove any ring or band.

Is there a lifetime warranty on your wedding bands?

Purchase with confidence knowing that all of our rings come with a lifetime warranty that covers manufacturer’s defects and accidental damage. In case of damage you can return the ring to the manufacturer for a free replacement, no charge to you (does not cover re-engraving, if applicable).

How do I make changes after my order has been placed?

If you notice a mistake with your order after receiving an order confirmation email, please email us at support@sunnyrings.com or call us at 1-800-882-4863. If it’s after business hours, leave us a clear and detailed message with your name, phone number, and order number if available

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept PayPal Express, PayPal Credit, and all major credit cards for purchases placed on our website. We accept money orders, checks, or cash at our retail store only.

How is my payment information secure?

We are very serious about security and do not process any of your payment information ourselves. All payment related matters are handled by Stripe.

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