The 5 Hottest Wedding Trends for 2018

The 5 Hottest Wedding Trends for 2018

by David Kiamko

The 2018 Wedding Season is officially underway, and if you and your beloved are planning to host the Wedding of the Year, here are the 5 Hottest Wedding Trends that you need to know.

2018 promises to be the most stylish, sophisticated and glamorous year yet for modern brides and grooms, and while you’ll want to stick to some of the most popular wedding traditions, you should also be prepared for change. When it comes to wedding planning this year, it is all about bold colours, richer textures, new food and décor trends, romantic wedding dresses, and dazzling wedding rings, and if you are just beginning to plan your 2018 wedding, you are in for a treat.

Newly betrothed couples are being encouraged to use their wedding day as an opportunity to express their love for each other, their individual personalities, and their great sense of style, but wedding planning is set to take on a more relaxed approach in 2018. The world’s best wedding planners are leaning towards ‘casual elegance’ this year, and if you are to compete with Meghan and Harry, here’s what you should be looking out for…

The 5 Hottest Wedding Trends For 2018

Hottest Wedding Ring Trends 2018

Some might say it’s all about the dress, but in reality, it’s all about the rings. A piece of jewellery that you will wear every day for the rest of your life, your wedding ring is so much more than a symbol of love and commitment, it’s an extension of you, and if the top wedding ring trends are anything to go by, you are going to be a whole lot more glamorous in 2018! Blinged-out wedding bands are the biggest trend for the coming year.  Think colour, think diamonds (preferably black), think pink sapphires, and think new metals such as tungsten, cobalt and ceramic wedding rings

The 5 Hottest Wedding Trends For 2018

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Hottest Wedding Dress Trends 2018

Bridal fashion week revealed the biggest wedding dress trends for 2018, and there are some fabulous options available for modern brides who are looking for something a little bit different. Colour is big this year, with pale blues dominating the runway, and if you are thinking of going back to black, you’ll be pleased to know that black wedding dresses are back in fashion.  Other key trends to look out for include cascading ruffles, sheer corsets, and statement bows, and when it comes to accessories, bridal gloves are set to make a huge comeback in 2018.



The 5 Hottest Wedding Trends For 2018

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Hottest Wedding Décor Trends 2018

When it comes to wedding décor trends, romantic, rustic, vintage, metallic, and modern neutrals are set to make a statement in 2018. For outdoor weddings, think secret garden or enchanted forest.  For small intimate family weddings, urban vintage themes work beautifully, and for big family affairs, why not treat your wedding guests to a rustic barn or industrial metallic experience – different yes, but just as beautiful as formal wedding themes when done right.

The 5 Hottest Wedding Trends For 2018

Image source: Martha Stewart Weddings

Hottest Wedding Food Trends 2018

The wedding breakfast should be a sumptuous affair, but that doesn’t mean a formal setting with a fixed menu. In 2018, brides and grooms are expected to adopt a more informal approach, with farm-to-table fare, buffet-style offerings, dessert bars, late-night snack options (comfort foods work well here!), and even country-style picnics. When it comes to choosing your wedding cake, take your wedding dress as inspiration! Ruffled wedding cakes are set to be huge in 2018, as are metallic wedding cakes. If you’d rather keep things simple, go for a Naked Wedding Cake… Plain but oh so tasty, they are perfect for brides and grooms who want to keep things simple.

The 5 Hottest Wedding Trends For 2018

Photo: Hello Penny Bar 

Hottest Wedding Reception Trends 2018

If you want your 2018 wedding to be one to remember, forget a wedding reception, hold a wedding after-party instead, and treat your guests to a VIP experience including pop-up champagne bars, craft cocktail bars, indulgent canapés, ice sculptures, and live entertainment followed by the best DJ you know. Rooftop locations are ideal for this type of wedding party, and when it comes to décor, soft fairy lights, large candles, freshly cut foliage and late-night food stalls work exceptionally well.

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